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Monday, September 8, 2014

Eloi Saint Bris - Featured Artist

From Eloi's Website
1. I live in Paris and I’m 25 years old. I'm a writer and creative entrepreneur who seeks answers to a question. What does it take to say 'we'? 
2. My first project is Bain de Minuit, an art collective I co-founded. We combine art direction, storytelling and sociology to create immersive parties & performances that question the world we live in, yet invite everyone to step in and interfere freely.
    2.a visit our website
    2.b this is the art book from our last performance
    2.c read some raw reactions

3. My second project is Le Cercle des Enfants Terribles, a Parisian community I co-founded and run on a daily basis. At a time of high pessimism for our generation, we created Le Cercle to foster collaboration among us. We promote our members' projects and develop a strong network that all our members can access. We also give other people the opportunity of a day-long immersion in the Parisian life of one of us.
    3.a an article I wrote that speaks about my personal reasons
    3.b this is who we are
    3.c our last newsletter
4. I'm a freelance writer, involved in fiction and journalism. I contribute to the Huffington Post, American and French edition.
    4.a a sample of my articles on the French Mojogay marriage and a political column
    4.b a shortlist of my writing (to be updated)
5. I am a creative consultant for Palais de Tokyo.

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