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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Valley Performance Lab - One-­week Drama Camp

Valley Performance Lab
-a place to let your creative sparks fly

 ***Find  unique  ways  to  express  your  creative  voice   at  this  one-­week  drama camp.***

In IMAGINATION EXPRESS, campers (ages 6-9) will  play  theatre  games   that explore  storytelling,  character,  voice,  and  movement.

In JR. PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP, campers (ages 10-13)  will  build   an ensemble,  using  improvisation,  theatre  games,   and  creative  writing exercises  to  develop  an   original  performance.  

Location: The  Arts  &  Industry  Building, 221  Pine  St.  #422, (Studio  rEvolution)
IMAGINATION EXPRESS: Mon.  July 6th–Fri  July  10th,  9am–12pm  $125
JR. PERF. WORKSHOP: Mon  July  13th–Fri  July  17th, 9am-­3pm  $225

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