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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Magic Lantern: Songs, Stories and Projections From an Imaginary New England Village

The Magic Lantern: Songs, Stories and Projections From an Imaginary New England Village

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A mysterious trunk found in a Yankee attic, full of leatherbound tunebooks, letters, musical instruments, 8 track tapes, a handwritten sheaf of ballads, a machete and even an old “magic lantern:” an ancient projector, with a box of painted glass slides. Was this the trunk Silas had been looking for? The one his antiquarian great uncle promised would be full of missing verses, answers to family mysteries, the truth behind local legends, even the details of Silas’s own murky past? The Tim Eriksen Trio and painter Susan Brearey take you to Pumpkintown, revealing the mysteries of the trunk and the curious multicultural history of the village itself, through songs, stories and magic lantern projections.

Tim Eriksen: Voice, Banjo, Bajo Sexto
Zoë Darrow: Voice, Fiddle
Peter Irvine: Voice, Percussion
Susan Brearey: Paintings, Projections

The Music
Old New England ballads, shape-note harmony, breakneck fiddle tunes, Afro-Celtic Yankee gospel and songs not in English.

The Painting and Projections
Graveyards and snowmobiles, ferns, wolves and the village church, alongside repurposed and reimagined historical slides.

The Stories
Mice that sing, a woman back from the grave, a breastbone fiddle, the time Zoë and Peter opened for Vice President Al Gore, the end of the world.

This program is supported by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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