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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photographs by Janine Norton, Bruce Hawkins and Robert Malthouse at Hosmer Gallery

Photographs by Janine Norton, Bruce Hawkins and Robert Salthouse
WHERE: Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library 20 West St Northampton, MA
WHEN: March 2-30, 2017 Reception: March 4, 2-4 PM

Janine Norton
Nature is always in her lens, even when the method of capturing an image changes. Janine endlessly seeks nature, no matter the season, searching for her ideal moments to capture. This body of work began in the snowy winter of 2015 with a digital camera converted to capture ‘infrared’, light that is above the spectrum visible to the human eye. In these photographs, the familiar colors of nature are transposed, creating an uncanny landscape that is both picturesque and surreal.

Bruce Hawkins
I am a retired physicist who loves the mountains. I spent a year in Switzerland as a postdoc reveling in the many opportunities to hike and ski there. My interest in photography began as a way to bring those experiences home and relive them. The process of composition is largely intuitive: I just move the frame until it looks right. My equipment is highly understated: A single superzoom camera that fits in my pocket is all that I need. Some of these pictures were taken with earlier cameras that are laughably underpowered by today’s standards. Their resolution is not considered worth printing these days. And yet they work.

Robert Salthouse – Shadows
Although hard shadows in a photograph can often be a distraction, the photographs in this exhibit by local photographer, Robert Salthouse, turn them into primary graphic elements. Obvious shadows help emphasize the truism that what we are seeing is not the real thing (Ceci n’est pas une pipe), but a selected, edited, two-dimensional representation of it. Hopefully, they also encourage the viewer to focus more on design and color, rather than on photographs as representations of things.

Gallery Hours:

Monday 9-9 ; Tuesday 1-5 ; Wednesday 9-9 ; Thursday 1-5 ; Friday & Saturday 9-5 ; closed Sundays and holidays.
Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library
20 West St
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
(413) 587-1013

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