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Monday, April 10, 2017

Author David Leo Rice Reading at Broadside Bookshop

Author David Leo Rice Reading
Wednesday April 19th, 7:00pm
Broadside Books, 247 Main St, Northampton, MA

Author David Leo Rice will be coming to Broadside Bookshop on Wednesday April 19 at 7pm to read from his newly published novel, A Room in Dodge City.

A Room in Dodge City follows a nameless drifter into an American heart of darkness. In this nightmarish version of the historic Dodge City, mythic beasts crawl out of the woodwork; bizarre rituals are enacted; and death is never the end. Equal parts humor and horror-show, David Leo Rice’s novel combines the mundaneness of modern life—motels, strip malls, temp jobs—with something stranger, darker, and more eternal. Told through linked vignettes that read like metaphoric fairytales gone wrong, Dodge City consumes the reader just as it slowly consumes the drifter, leaving all to wonder whether any of us can ever truly escape this world—or our own.

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