The Northampton Arts Council is an organization whose goal is to support and promote the arts in Northampton. Originally created as a Local Arts Lottery Council, it began its work by administering a grants program in which proceeds from a state lottery are distributed to local artists, arts groups, and public schools.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Albatross by Matthew Spangler & Benjamin Evett at Academy of Music

WHAT: ALBATROSS by Matthew Spangler & Benjamin Evett
WHEN: October 14, 2017. 7:30pm
WHERE: Academy of Music Theatre, 274 Main Street. Northampton, MA

The Ancient Mariner is doomed for eternity to retell his harrowing story of an old ship, a voyage to the bottom of the world, and a mystical seabird.

It’s a rollicking sea yarn, a fascinating character study, a celebration of storytelling, and a spiritual odyssey into the interconnectedness of all living things.

"In the midst of Coleridge’s strange and haunting storytelling is an extraordinary performance by Ben Evett, enhanced by a deceptively simple set by Cristina Todesco and a series of projections, including maps, that provide a concrete sense of place, and then an illusory suggestion of emotion." ~The Boston Globe


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