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Friday, January 12, 2018

The Performance Project: Arts & Youth Leadership at Northampton High School

WHAT: The Performance Project: Arts & Youth Leadership
WHEN: Friday January 12th 7:00 PM
WHERE: Northampton High School 380 Elm Street Northampton

The Performance Project is a venue for self-representation in a culture where politics, social structures and the media suppress expressions of truth and the depth of economic oppression, racism and incarceration in our country. Our creative work is informed and shaped by the experiences and beliefs of ensemble members, who claim full authorship for the plays they produce.

Through the performances, audiences have had the opportunity listen to the experiences and ideas of people whose stories are rarely told, and to expand their perspective and expectations of people coming out of jail. The plays address critical social and cultural issues, and initiate a dialogue between people who have been incarcerated and their communities.

Tuesday, January 16th 12:30 pm
Northampton High School

Due to inclement weather, the shows that were scheduled for January 4 at Holyoke High School and January 5 Springfield Renaissance High School will be rescheduled.

twitter: @Perf_Project ‏
instagram: first_generation_springfield
WEB: WEB: The Performance Project/First Generation  PO Box 5195 Springfield, MA 01101  PHONE:  413-374-4938EMAIL:

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