The Northampton Arts Council is an organization whose goal is to support and promote the arts in Northampton. Originally created as a Local Arts Lottery Council, it began its work by administering a grants program in which proceeds from a state lottery are distributed to local artists, arts groups, and public schools.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

13 Queen Presents: Wishbone Zoe, Blame Cadence, Mad Habits

WHAT: Wishbone Zoe, Blame Cadence, Mad Habits
WHERE: 13 Queen, 13 King Street (second floor) Northampton, MA
WHEN: Thursday, February 22nd. 8:00pm

Come drink some tasty Thursday sounds at 13 Queen and recognize the awesome, kickflip face-slaughter power of the human voice--there'll be so much of that!

MAD HABITS - freaky experimental jazz/folk: a three piece tempest of the water element. Emotions you forgot you had or are too afraid to confront.

BLAME CADENCE - loops and vocs: wildflower gardens and time-lapsed cloud-skating skies of vibes paired with firey messages

WISHBONE ZOE - experimental poppy performance art plus bass: colorful auditory disturbances for your brain pets to eat

13 Queen is a unique Arts & Media Studio & Space in Downtown Northampton, MA producing Music, Video, Podcast & Events.

8pm - Suggested $3-7 - 13 King Street Northampton, MA
Supported in part by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council

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