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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Survival Drive at Edwards Church this Saturday

WHAT: Survival Drive
WHERE: Edwards Church 297 Main Street Northampton, MA.
WHEN: Saturday June 16th 9am-2pm


Next Saturday, drop off your old tents, tarps, blankets, boots, pots, lanterns, really anything that could help someone survive the Spring, Summer and Fall until the shelter re-opens. And if you don't have a garage filled with stuff like that, please consider a monetary donation. ALL funds will go directly to buying gear and distributing it to those who need it. This is a totally volunteer effort of heart to help those who have nowhere else to go. At a time when the world is seemingly more and more cold by the day, this is a small gesture that can provide someone with some comfort and coverage against the elements in a last line of defense. Thank you for reading this.

Since homeless shelters are closed for the spring, summer and fall seasons, we want to give those without shelter as much of the bare-minimum-necessities that we as a community can pull together. It’s a great reason to declutter your basement, attic or trunk. It’s an even greater excuse to upgrade your gear by doing a good thing for a person whose basic survival depends on it.

No gear to give but still want to help? Donate money now by clicking on the DonorBox link below. All funds go towards purchasing tents and gear:

Questions? contact:

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