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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nave Gallery Artist Opportunities

Artist Opportunities

Deadline: May 25, 2015 
June 11-July 11, 2015
Nave Gallery, Teele Square
Curated by: Melissa Glick

HackCycle celebrates recycled art of the 21st century. We invite submissions from  artists, nerds, makers, burners and others who employ experimentation and serendipity using today's technological debris and/or innovative techniques as part of their creative process.

The exhibition examines the transformation of bits, bytes, cruft, e-waste, circuits, doodads, odds and ends and more into objects of art. Work may (but is not limited to) demonstrate the use of 3D printing, laser cutters and/or CNC bots in combination with found art, assemblage and/or appropriation.

Deadline: June 5, 2015 
October 8-31, 2015
Nave Annex, Davis Square
Curated by: Karen Gutfreund and Sherri Cornett

Artists are invited to submit works around themes of social, cultural, economic, human rights, women's rights, political and social justice activism that combine visual art with music in order to tell a compelling story and, by doing so, affirm the many bonds between sight and sound.  

Somerville Toy Camera Festival  
Deadline: July 1, 2015 
September, 2015
Nave Gallery, Nave Annex and Washington Street Art Center
Juried by: Aline Smithson

The Somerville Toy Camera Festival seeks entries for its third annual toy camera festival.

Images of any subject matter made with a "toy" camera - any low-end, low-tech, limited-control camera such as pinhole, Holga, Diana and other Lomo products, as well as Brownies and Anscos - will be accepted. Images made from Polaroid-type film backs attached to Holgas are also welcome. Images made from a DSLR or SLR with a pinhole or Holga lens will be accepted. For this exhibit, straight Polaroid-type images or images made with cell phones, disposable cameras or point-and-shoot cameras will not be accepted.  

Embracing Differences:
Mending the Isms and Schisms    
Deadline: September 8, 2015 
October 4-31, 2015
Nave Gallery, Teele Square
Curated by: Claire Roll, Craig Milanesi
Is inequality the defining issue of our time? How does injustice show its face in our community? What impossible heights can we achieve as a society by embracing difference as strength? Racism, sexism and economic inequality are still systemic and deeply personal in America today, both influencing and influenced by global inequities. What does it take to mend the things that divide us? How do we let in the light?

Deadline: August 1, 2015 
November 7-28, 2015
Nave Gallery, Teele Square
Curated by: Yosra Emamizadeh, Vanessa Marcoux, and Cory Munro Shea

Following in the footsteps of women's rights leaders, activists, and makers, today's female artists are reclaiming feminism, reclaiming domesticity, and reclaiming their role as makers and creators. Through art, women are reclaiming their powerful place in society.  
The Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA, invites female artists who have been making work professionally or as a student for less than 10 years to submit their work to Reclamation, an exhibition that surveys the work of the emerging talent of women artists in New England. The exhibition examines the themes, narratives and perspectives that make artwork by women unique and powerful.

The Nave Gallery | 155 Powder House Blvd. | Somerville | MA | 02144

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