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Monday, November 2, 2015

FAST FORWARD FILM SERIES: The Films of Hope Tucker

The Films of Hope Tucker 
Sunday, November 15th, at 3pm 

Artist and Hampshire College professor Hope Tucker transforms what we know as a daily form of narrative through The Obituary Project, a compendium of moving image that gives new life to the documentary practice of salvage ethnography. She has animated cyanotypes of downwinders and instructions for making fishing nets by hand; photographed shuttered bread factories, fallen witness trees, and decaying civil rights era landmarks; recorded mobile phone footage of the last public phone booths of Finland; written the text of a video out of paper clips, a Norwegian symbol of solidarity and nonviolent resistance; and retraced the path of protest that closed the only nuclear power plant in Austria.

   Still from Handful of Dust         Hope Tucker         Still from The Sea [is still]
                                                                                                     Around Us 

Sunday, November 15th, 3pm:

Bessie Cohen, Survivor of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
USA, 2000 /3 minutes/ sound
The last ninety years of a complex life become eclipsed by an escape from a burning building.

Lolo Ferrari
USA, 2001 /2 minutes/ corrupted sound file
An obituary whittles one's social contribution down to its barest form.

Vi holder sammen/ We hold together
Norway, 2011 /4 minutes/ Norwegian with English titles
A typeface formed by hand from paper clips spells out an imperfect construction of a national history as it visualizes a period of nonviolent resistance.

Puhelinkoppi (1882-2007)
Finland, 2010 8 minutes/ mobile video/ color/ Finnish with English titles
Marking a shift in the functioning of private and public space, after existing as a sidewalk staple for over a century, the phone booth in Finland is now extinct. The artist uses her camera phone to document the passing.

The Sea [is still] Around Us
USA, 2012 4 minutes/ color/ sound
Rachel Carson is dead, but the sea is still around us . . . this small lake is a sad reminder of what is taking place all over the land, from carelessness, shortsightedness, and arrogance. It is our pool of shame in this, our particular instant of time. (E.B. White, 1964)

Handful of Dust
USA, 2013 9 minutes/color/mono recording from 1953
Prussian blue can be used to render images and counteract radiation poisoning.

Hope Tucker will be present at the screening to answer questions and discuss her work.


Hope Tucker holds a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and an M.F.A. in Film and Video Production from the University of Iowa.
A MacDowell and Yaddo Fellow and recent artist in residence at Phillips Academy Andover, she has taught video, film, photography, animation, new media, and visual studies in the US and the UK.

Works from the project have screened in festivals, museums, galleries, and cultural spaces, including 21er Haus, Vienna; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Cairo Video Festival; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück; Images Festival, Toronto; International Film Festival, Rotterdam; Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino; New York Film Festival; Punto de Vista, Pamplona; Vox Populi, Philadelphia; Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Zagreb Dox.

The fall Fast Forward season is curated by Magda Bermudez, a media-artist based in Northampton MA. She has taught summer courses in non-fiction film for undergraduate and high school students through Hampshire College's Creative Media Institute, and teaches media-literacy at Amherst Cinema's See Hear Feel Film program for third graders. In her own work she is interested in discarded formats, objects and places, and is currently making a series films about the history of the Swift River Valley. Ms. Bermudez received her BA from Hampshire College.

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