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Monday, January 11, 2016

Giving a Sh*t About Everything and Everyone Part 1

How the Pioneer Valley can use AS220’s Example as a Vehicle for Social and Economical Change.

*** This workshop is presented using AS220 as a model of social change and artistic ownership. It is not being presented by AS220 staff. ***

Providence- based AS220 went from being an from illegal squatting performance space to instigating a complete cultural transformation of a city that once known as the armpit of New England. How did they work their way from nothing to owning three multi-purpose, mixed-use buildings worth 25 million? How do they sustain themselves, stay true to an equal pay policy and work with the ongoing tumultuous landscape of arts funding?

How can the Pioneer Valley learn from this model with the current opportunities and challenges of revitalization? How can the Pioneer Valley create more artist-driven ownership, cross-sector collaboration and partnerships, and stewardship for the future of the visual and performing arts?

Currently there are projects both formal and informal happening in Northampton (Arts Trust), Easthampton (CitySpace) and Greenfield (The Bank Building) concerning space in terms of underutilization, revitalization and ways to work cooperatively. Let’s dig into how we can work together.

Day 1: Saturday, Jan 23rd, 1:00 - 4:00 PM, Flywheel
Getting Pragmatic. Wearing the Business Hat without putting on the Suit.

We’ll discuss how AS220’s three multi-use properties with an immense amount of programming functions on a day to day basis. Day 1 will cover real estate acquisitions, maintenance, finances, development, programming and classes. Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s a snapshot with room for group discussion about local opportunities and challenges.

How does each unique community in the Valley deal with the same kinds of challenges? Who are the advocates in our area that can help with the minutiae and daily grind to pull off these kinds of projects?

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About the Workshop Leaders
Seth Lepore is an Easthampton based performing artist, arts advocate and educator. He is co-founder of Easthampton Co.Lab, a social enterprise that fosters connection, engagement and community.

A Rhode Island native, Lepore was fortunate to be part of the first immersive cohort put on by Practice/Practice, the consulting arm of AS220 in Providence, RI. The Immersive Residency for Artist/ Managers consisted of four full days of in-depth study, analysis and presentations led by AS220 staff and leaders. Lepore hopes to use this information to benefit the Pioneer Valley as a whole across creative sectors, and those invested in them.

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Part 2 will take place on Feb 21st and will focus on Community Engagement. Amrita Ramanan will co-facilitate based on her recent Network of Ensemble Theater's Local Organizer Training.

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