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Thursday, March 8, 2018

NCTV's 7 Day Film Sprint in the Starting Gates

WHAT: 7 Day Film Sprint -
WHEN: Monday April 2nd 7:00pm
WHERE: Northampton Community Television Studios, 380 Elm St. in Northampton, MA.

The annual 7 Day Film Sprint kicks off once again Monday April 2nd at 7:00 pm at Northampton Community Television Studios at 380 Elm St. in Northampton, MA. The studios are located in the same building as the Northampton High School, with an entrance around the far back of the building accessed by hugging the structure all the way around.

The Sprint calls upon teams of filmmakers, from aspiring to professional, to tap into their creativity and produce an entire short film of up to five minutes in length, from start to finish, in the span of just 7 days. Each team will be assigned a prompt or series of prompts for their film.

New works in all these genres will emerge over the course of the next week out of self-organized community groups. Some teams are as few as one person, but a typical team is 3-5 people. They are composed of students, of neighbors, of friends looking for a creative adventure. Teams have names like Sad Penguin Productions, Chaos Jello Visions, State Street Symposium, and Valleywood.

“People want to be creative. We believe that. They want to tell stories. They want to have fun and express and that is a healthy form of play that we don’t engage in enough in our culture. We want to invite the community to spend some time doing that.”, said Al Williams, Executive Director of NCTV.

This is NCTV’s fourth 7 Day Film Sprint, and this year the project includes partner Hadley Media as they revision their media center. Teams will hand in films on a one week deadline and a public screening will be held for them at The Parlor Room in Northampton at 7pm on Tuesday, April 9th.

For more information, contact Al Williams at 413-587-3550 or

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