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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Art Exhibition at Arcadia's Art House

WHAT: Art Exhibition at Arcadia's Art House
WHEN: October 28 from 11-5 PM
WHERE: Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, 127 Combs Rd, Easthampton, MA

The Volunteer Artists at Arcadia's Art House are hosting our first ever Art Exhibition and sale on October 28 from 11-5 PM. 25% of the proceeds of this sale will help pay for the many sticks of wood needed to add a screened-in porch to our little Art House. Many of you and your families have enjoyed time at the Art House, sitting amongst the trees, creating art work. It is a beautiful spot but the mosquito population has made it quite uncomfortable at times. The screened-in porch  will largely eradicate our discomfort and provide us all with an outstanding place to create.

The Art House is a small studio along Tulip Tree Trail at Arcadia's Wildlife Sanctuary. The idea for it came to me during a meditation when I envisioned a little house in the woods where anyone could come to make art. Arcadia's Director Jonah Keane and his staff plus many of my friends and the generosity of ChartPak brought my idea to life. Through the confluence of nature, science and art making, we have found the Art House to provide opportunities for creative expression, exploration and achieving a sense of well-being.

Our volunteers, who staff the Art House through each season from May to October, are often artists who spend their hours at the Art House deeply engrossed in sharing their art making with visitors. At our sale on October 28 they will exhibit and sell their work. Please come and support our efforts and help us raise money to build our screened porch!

On October 28, we will be in the Auditorium inside the Visitor's Center from 11-5 PM. There will be art making opportunities, refreshments and lots of artwork to enjoy!

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