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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


WHAT: Lynn Peterfreund: Artist in Residence: Daily Practice/Daily Drawings
WHEN: Tuesday, May 28-Sunday, June 2, 2019
WHERE: A.P.E. 126 Main St. Northampton, MA

Open to the public daily, 10-5, with workshops offered by Lynn at 1:00

Guest Practitioner workshops offered throughout the week
See schedule at

Lynn Peterfreund, Daily Practice/Daily Drawings, opens the A.P.E. summer series, ARC (Activate, Research, Create).  ARC.2019 continues to expand the understanding of a contemporary art gallery as an active space within the community.

Lynn Peterfreund is showing 600 selected daily drawings from 2012 through the present. She began purposely making drawings every day in 2012 with her morning tea cup as the subject accompanied by notes about the day, observations, feelings, to do lists. In 2013, the theme was trees and since 2014, she’s been drawing people: her relatives, friends, students, teachers, colleagues, public figures, herself. The drawings as a group present an unstructured memoire, stories with recurring characters, thoughts and feelings about subjects ranging from dinner to death. Her materials, watercolor pencils, pens and watercolors, are used in a variety of styles with some drawings done quickly and others more finished.

One viewer said of this exhibition:
“A rare glimpse into the small and large parts of a day and a life.
The juxtaposition of banal errands and cosmic thoughts
Unusually precise and descriptive words complimented by beautiful art
Meditations on the biggest life issues in the drawings
Clear admiration of your closest people as well as humor about their idiosyncrasies
Brief memorials abound..." it would have been his 90th birthday"
The tapes in your head emerge mother would have said at this point, my father would have said.
Details details details...the PT, the arm brace, the interior parts of your arm. Such careful observing...oh my.
Like I are a genius.”

As the artist in residence in the gallery, Lynn will be working on a series of drawing books. She and her guests will be conducting workshops daily that offer basic art making skills and creative prompts, as well as workshops in movement, writing, and other practices. Tables in the gallery will be set up with materials for visitors to make collages, draw, write, read other graphic memoires as part of the theme of what it might mean to have a daily practice. Anyone can come in and participate, read, or just sit in the space.

Guest Daily Practitioners include five dancers and movement artists, a musician/writer, a birder-painter, textile and clay artists, and others visual artists. An up-to-date schedule will be publicized at

Guest Participants include:

Dance and movement:
Fritha Pengelly
Meredith Bove
Katie Martin
Andrea Olsen
Wendy Woodson
Josh Lebow

David Andrews(drawing)
Macaylla Silver(birding/painting)
Dale Schwarz (creative expression)

Michael Silverstone
Nellie Prior (Departure Collective)

Jill St Coeur: rug hooking
Jennie McKenna and Judith Souweine: knitting

Codo: Chinatsu Nagamune(textile) and Andrew Vlock (ceramics)

Lynn Peterfreund has been making, teaching, and showing prints and paintings for the past few decades. Her local mural work can be seen in the JFK middle school cafetorium, Baystate, Cooley Dickinson and the University of Massachusetts. She is a member, teacher, and mentor at Zea Mays Printmaking and maintains her own studios at Arts and Industries and Leverett Crafts and Arts. Her artwork is included in numerous public and private collections which include the Mead Art Museum, Hood Art Museum, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, University of Michigan, and the Yale University Gallery of Art. Her monotype animations have been shown at University of Massachusetts, University of Oregon, International Center for Printmaking in New York, and her at APE.

More information and more art can be seen at

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