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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Experience Bachata at SCDT: 6-Week Beginners and Out-of-Practice Dance Course

WHAT: 6-Week Beginners and Out-of-Practice Dance Course
WHEN: Thursday nights @ 7:15-8:35pm SEPTEMBER 5-OCTOBER 10
WHERE: 25 Main St. Northampton. SCDT (4th floor of the Fitz Willy building)

TICKETS: (scroll down to the bottom of the page to click your ticket option) $100/adult, $75/student

Morgan Lea is a new community member of the Pioneer Valley. Coming to us from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Morgan takes the intimidating out of dance and replaces it with fun. She takes that “in your head— Am I doing this right?” feeling and replaces it with “Wow! This feels so natural.” She teaches dance to regular people who seek to have fun, learn a new hobby, and experience the connection of dance.

In this class you will:

+Have a ton of fun, enjoy body movement, experience the joy of partner dance, practice mindfulness and make meaningful connections.

+Unlock your own creativity by learning the building blocks of all dance, rather than predetermined choreography.

+Gain confidence by learning how to lead and follow. (It’s really not as intimidating as you may think, and it makes dancing SO much better for both people.)

+Learn dance etiquette, the magic of connection, and art of consent in partner dancing--so EVERYONE gets to have fun & feel safe.

You’ll want to bring socks to dance in. And, consider bringing a notebook to take notes and draw pictures, which will help make dancing SUPER easy while being kind to your memory post-lesson focus.

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