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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Materialized: group show curated by Suzan Shutan

WHAT: Materialized, group show curated by Suzan Shutan
WHERE: Hampden Gallery, UMass.
WHEN: September 8 - October 6, 2019
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 8, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Please come see this fantastic exhibition happening at Hampden Gallery, UMass (click for more info). There are 18 artists all working with materials in inventive ways, curated by Suzan Shutan, who also has an installation in the neighboring gallery.

"We are living in a twenty first century of diversification and descent. Art is defying and celebrating traditional systems of structure and process. New forms and material properties create intersections of constructed and found, two and three dimensions, painting and sculpture. Work can be both deliberate and random. The artists explore material, color and form in contemporary art with great skill and manipulation, each constructing a personal and formal language that melds material, dimension and process with resonating forms that rupture our notion of space and how an artwork must function."

Sarah Braman
Carolyn Clayton
Jaynie Gillman Crimmins
Karen Dolmanisth
Lorrie Fredette
Carla Goldberg
Bob Gregson
Ruth Hardinger
Susan Knight
Michael Kukla
Laura Moriarty
Antonia Perez
Judy Pfaff
Patrice Yourdon
Jayoung Yoon
Derrick Velasquez
Sean Greene -

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