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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Request For Proposals: The Coolidge Village | Front Facade Signage

WHAT: The Coolidge Village | Front Facade Signage: Request For Proposals
WHERE: Submission link:
WHEN: Submission Deadline - Midnight EST, April 16, 2021.

Project Narrative & Goals:

The Coolidge Village Board of Trustees is seeking an artist or team to create an original, site-specific artwork to be installed on the West facade/ entryway to the property. The building is located at 73 Bridge Street in Northampton, MA, next to "Implant & Family Dentistry".

This opportunity is open to established professional artists. The deadline for submission is midnight EST, April 16, 2021.

We welcome submissions from artists working in a broad range of media and encourage the inclusion of 2D elements.

Dimensions: approximately 61” high x 45” wide.

Please refer to the Full RFP for detailed plans and additional information.

Our hope is that the finished piece will create a signature presence for the building and welcome visitors to Downtown Northampton as it is one of the first things many I-91 travelers will see upon arriving/ before entering Downtown proper.

The application deadline for short proposals is Midnight EST, April 16th, 2021.

Please submit your proposal via google forms here:

You will need to log into or create a google account in order to complete the form.


This project’s total budget is up to $15k commensurate with the scope of the project. The budget for any proposal submitted cannot exceed this amount and we cannot increase the budget due to cost overruns.

Applicants’ budgets must include the costs of transportation, installation, and estimated annual maintenance. The Coolidge Village Board of Trustees expects the selected artwork to endure, thus the total project budget must allow for the proper upkeep of the proposed piece over time. The longevity of the piece will be a factor in the selection. This public art project will become the property of The Coolidge Village Board of Trustees which maintains the right to remove the work if necessary.

Qualifications & Eligibility:

This project is open to established professional artists. The artist must have the ability (working with the appropriate Northampton boards and departments) to propose, develop, design, produce, supervise, and install a finished piece that will be durable over time, meet safety codes and regulations, and be integrated into the site. The artist will be responsible for fabricating the piece, transporting it to the site of 73 Bridge Street for installation, and completing the installation. The Coolidge Village Board of Trustees will assist with making connections between the artist, builder, and city departments as needed.


The Coolidge Village Board of Trustees is using a two-step process for the selection of this new piece of public art.

STEP #1:

In the first step, artists will submit a short proposal that provides the Board of Trustees with an overview of the project’s concept, materials, approximate budget, and artist’s qualifications.

STEP #2:

Proposals will then be reviewed by remaining Property Owners, and a number of finalists will be chosen.

Finalists will be asked to submit a more detailed project plan and it is from these plans that the Board of Trustees will make in final selection.

There are no limits to the number of short proposals that an artist or team can submit, but each proposal must stand on its own.

Deadlines & Schedule:  

The following schedule is subject to change. Please contact us so that we can notify you of any schedule updates. Answers will be provided to everyone who has submitted a letter of intent or questions.

November 15, 2021 - Publish RFP

April 16, 2021 - Short proposals due

April 23, 2021 - Selection Committee review of short proposals

May 3, 2021 - Finalist(s) selected and notified

May 11, 2021 - Finalist(s)’ full proposals due

May 14 , 2021 - Final Decision by Selection Committee

May 17, 2021 - Artist(s) notified

May 31, 2021 - Begin installation

June 28, 2021 - Installation deadline

Criteria: The following criteria, listed in order of priority, will be used in evaluating proposals:

Artistic merit

Feasibility (materials, maintenance, durability, safety codes and regulations)

Technical Competence/Qualifications and Support Materials

Comprehensive Budget

Proposal Format & Submission:

The application deadline for short proposals is Midnight EST, April 16, 2021

Please submit your proposal via google forms here:

You will need to log into or create a google account in order to complete the form.

1. Artist/Team Contact Information

If submitting as a team, enter the designated team leader’s contact information at the top of the form. Include a list of the people involved in your project and their roles.

2. Project Title and Summary

Provide a title for the proposal and summarize your project in approximately 300 words.

3. Concept Description

Explain how your work will integrate into the site and any conceptual information you feel is relevant.  Include materials to be used, construction and installation methods, and projected maintenance requirements. Please include a projected timeline for installation.

4. Drawings/Renderings

Four to six preliminary design drawings. Detail how the piece will be secured to the building. Please submit jpeg, png, or PDF format.

5. Budget

Provide a preliminary budget for your project that includes design, construction, transportation, and installation costs. Estimate the longevity of the piece, and anticipated annual maintenance. Google spreadsheets are ideal. Word, Exel, PDF, and other formats are acceptable.

6. Qualifications

Describe examples of your work that illustrate both your creativity and your ability to complete a project of this scope. If submitting as a team, include a description of how the team works together. Upload resumes for all team members. Please submit in PDF format.

7. Images

Submit up to 8 images of recent work that best illustrate your technical and creative capacity. In a separate document, provide a checklist for the images; list materials used, location, and date of the work shown. Please submit in jpeg, png, or PDF format.

Please submit your proposal via google forms before Midnight EST April 16, 2021

You will need to log into or create a google account in order to complete the form.

Contact Information:

Brittany Hathaway-  or

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