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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

MICAfest Featuring the Art of Mothers

WHAT: MICAfest Featuring the Art of Mothers
WHEN: October 28, 29, 30, 2022.
WHERE: Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley Street

The weekend-long festival features live performances of dance, music, poetry, and theater, as well as a gallery installation of visual art.

MICA's inaugural festival takes place at the Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley Street October 28-30, 2022. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards paying stipends to the artists and funding MICA’s future programs to support mom-artists. Over 40 artists are participating in the weekend-long festival. All of the works featured in the festival are created by those who identify as mothers and primary parents. The festival aims to showcase the range and diversity of experiences mothers have. Learn more about MICA at .

Visual artists include: Amy Kotel, Angela Zammarelli, Ann Cloutier, Cynthia Chamberland, Dara Herman Zierlein, Eva Pushkova, Elena Allee, Hannah Richards, Heather Matys, Julia Max, Katie Russo, Kiayani Douglas, Lisa Andrews, Loretta Kane, Lyn Horan, Mary Witt, Myrrh Brooks, Patricia Parker, Procheta Olson, Robin Griffith, Rosanne Sniderman, and Natasha Colon Ortiz

With music from Lark Jazz, playing in the lobby during our opening party, and poets/writers Vanessa Adel, Abigail Warren, Lindsay Adkins, and Adrie Rose reading throughout the weekend. Three days of performances in the Flex room will include Dear Ella, Lisa Bastoni, Julia Read, American Dreamer, Christa Joy and the Honeybees, Elena Ciampa, and the valley’s Rebirth with Cinamon Blair. With multi-dance/ film and comedy skit, theatre, and improv performances with Kate Martel, Jenny Sieruta, Jennifer Scully-Thurston, Amy Lee, Rythea Lee, Finding the Words Film & Poetry, Happier Valley Improv, and Performance Project’s First Generation Ensemble.

Learn more about the artists at

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