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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Lucky Us? Lucky You! Le Salon des Chanceux at A.P.E. Gallery

WHAT: The many artists of Lucky’s Tattoo and Piercing present…Lucky Us? Lucky You! Le Salon des Chanceux
WHEN: September 1-24, 2023 
Opening reception, September 8th, 5-8pm (part of Arts Night Out)
WHERE: A.P.E. Gallery, Northampton, MA

As a body art-based studio, we love to think about the rich creative lives that folks lead outside of their day jobs, whether those jobs are obviously artistic or not. The teachers who go home after school and create needlepoint masterpieces, the cooks who take pottery classes on the side so they can learn to craft plates that their culinary creations can feel at home on, and all of the other folks who have secret passions that are not readily apparent when you see them in the context of their day-to-day professional settings.

The folks on our team work with clients everyday to help bring their collaborative artistic visions to life through tattoos, piercing curations, or when helping clients design their dream body jewelry. In our studios these aspects of their creative lives are apparent and readily on display. When their days of curating art for bodies end, these folks continue expressing their creative sides by making art in many mediums you might not expect.

At Lucky’s, almost everyone has a visual or musical artistic pursuit outside of the work they do in our studios. We are excited to showcase the way they express themselves outside of the realm of body art. The creative and passionate people who make up our team inspire each other every day to explore different approaches to their practices, in body art and beyond.

Lucky’s Tattoo and Piercing has been a mainstay in downtown Northampton since 1998. We operate today in three locations across Massachusetts—our original studio on Main Street in Northampton, our second location in Central Square in Cambridge, and our tattoo-only studio in Easthampton. As a business and as a trio of queer-owned and operated studios, we exist on the foundation that to serve a community we must be part of it.

Our team is composed of a wonderful group of tattoo artists, piercers, and the specialized staff that supports them. The members of our team are an enthusiastic part of our local communities, and love helping our clients feel more at home in their bodies.

Once a more traditional tattoo and piercing parlor, our approach to the work we do for and with our clients has changed a lot in the last 10 years. We have loved shifting into a client-focused operation that emphasizes consent and bodily autonomy. Our aesthetic has gotten brighter and lighter, which feels more aligned with our queer roots. Our goal is to create a welcoming and affirming space for the people who trust us to bring the visions they have for their bodies to life.

Looking forward, our goal is to keep supporting our fantastic team and collaborating with our clients to make beautiful art for their bodies.

Ian Healy has spent 15 years focusing on the creation of representational art and the study of classical techniques. Creating images from the fantastical to the foreboding with the use of pastel, charcoal, airbrush, or oils. A love for the art of Europe from the 16th-18th centuries has influenced both his studio practice and stylistic approach to tattooing. Ian has been tattooing for 10 yrs, the past 3 years at Lucky's. Ian focuses on large-scale art history inspired tattooing, with specific attention to details seen most often in Renaissance and Baroque art. Ian composes figures, florals, ornaments, and patterns to fit each client’s individual anatomy, with great importance in creating a natural flow and adornment of the body.

Patrick MacDonald has been tattooing since 2007 and worked for Lucky’s since 2011. Patrick’s artistic style is influenced by botanical illustrators from the eighteenth century til today and various Japanese printmakers from the Edo period through the early Showa period. He also dabbles in photography, illustration, and watercolor.

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