The Northampton Arts Council is a city board and a non-profit organization whose goal is to support and promote the arts in Northampton. Originally created as a Local Arts Lottery Council, it began its work by administering a grants program in which proceeds from a state lottery are distributed to local artists, arts groups, and public schools.

Grant Recipients

Fall 2016 Arts Lottery Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 27 grants totaling $11,650 in support of a variety of projects
from funds allocated by the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s LCC program. The caliber of applications this round was outstanding, and we were unable to fund many worthy projects. The Arts Council received 55 requests for almost $58,828 of funding. Grants were awarded in the following categories: Dance, Film/Video, Literature, Mixed Media, Music, Theater and Visual Arts.

$500 to Iroko Nuevo Afrocuban Dance/Effie Molina for "Noche Cubana" Benefit for Welcome Home Refugees to take place APRIL 2017
$300 to Pioneer Valley Ballet for Pioneer Valley Ballet to take place Summer 2017
$250 to Barbara Diewald for WIP- Works in Progress at SCDT to take place on February 19, March 19 and April 16, 2017.
$500 to Katie Martin for Katie Martin Dance @ SCDT to take place May 2017.
$850 to West African Dance Community of Northampton for 2nd Annual Northampton African Dance Festival to take place June 23-25, 2017.
$500 to Amherst Ballet Theatre Company for Amherst Ballet presents "The Magic Flute" ballet to take place June 2017.

$500 to Nolan Boomer for The Cell Tree to take place January 2017.
$250 to The Massachusetts Review for Public Lecture and Reading: The Untold History to take place February 2017.
$250 to Leeds Elementary School  for Rona Leventhal Presents: Travelin' Shoes to take place March 20-22, 2017.

$250 to Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival for Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival to take place March 23-April 2, 2017.
$250 to Sarah Lanzillotta  for "The Great Explorers" an experimental documentary to take place November 2017.
$250 to Jake Meginsky for Multi Channel Sound Installation to take place July 2017.

$250 to Kelly Silliman for Song and Dance for ALL -- Northampton to take place August 2017.
$500 to Alan Schneider for Carmen to take place on January 27th & 29th, 2017.

$500 to Lisa Landau for Lyra Music Festival to take place July 2-22, 2017.
$250 to Heather Cahillane for Group Sing to take place January-December 2017.
$250 to Linda Babcock for Haydn's Nelson Mass with the Choir of Men and Boys to take place on March 18, 2017.
$250 to Maya French  for Anchor House of Artists Workshop to take place December 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.
$250 to Brittany Brideau for Haymarket Show Series to take place January-December 2017
$500 to Melissa Mohlenhoff for BachBachBach to take place March 2017.

$800 to Whole Children for Whole Children's Theater Production at Smith College to take place March 17-19, 2017.
$500 to Heidi Haas for READER'S THEATRE PROJECT: Residents in Reflection to take place on Winter/Spring 2017.
$250 to Emily Atkinson for An Act of Contrition: A Semi-Historical Play to take place March 31-April 2, 2017.

$500 to Jodi Colella for Unidentified Woman to take place March 10-April 9, 2017.
$850 to Northampton Arts Council for Transformer Box Paint Program to take place April 2016.
$500 to ANNE LAPRADE SEUTHE for Laws Change. People Die. The Land Remains. to take place Spring 2017.
$850 to Fafnir Adamites for A.P.E. Exhibit to take place on February 2017.


Spring 2016 ArtsEZ Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 24 grants totaling $15,000 in support of a variety of projects from funds raised through event-programming such as the end of summer music festival Transperformance and the winter event series Four Sundays in February. The caliber of applications this round was outstanding, and we were unable to fund many worthy projects. The Arts Council received 54 requests for almost $65,180 of funding. Grants were awarded in the following categories: Film/Video, Literature, Mixed Media, Music, Theater and Visual Arts.

$500 to Luke Jaegar for “Black Maria Film Festival Touring Program”
$800 to Sarah Lanzillotta for “Good Night's Sleep, Western Mass Film Screening Series”
$800 to Zach Hart for “A Walk Through Alphabet City”

$1300 to Colleen Barry of Mount Analogue for “FINAL ROSE & Final Rose Book Release Event”
$250 to Debra J’Anthony of Northampton Academy of Music, Inc. for “Dear Committee Members”

$250 to Amanda Herman of Live Art Magazine for “Live Art Magazine Issue Four”
$500 to Bob Cilman of the Northampton Community Arts Trust for “Outside the Box”
$500 to Jennifer Polins of the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought for “HUT-3 artists-3 disciplines-3 short sets”
$1000 to Lisa Thompson of Available Potential Enterprises, Ltd. for “6 X 6”
$1300 to Peter McQuillan of 13 Queen for “Events @ 13 Queen”
$250 to Susanna Apgar of Voices From Inside for “Voices Carry: Hear Me, See Me”

$250 to Paul Arslanian for “Northampton Jazz Workshop”
$250 to Roger Salloom for “33rd Annual Free Summer Concert”
$250 to Susanne Dunlap of Pioneer Valley Symphony for “78th Season Opening Concert: Sorcerers and Prophets”

$1000 to Elizabeth Pangburn & Brianna Sloane of TheatreTruck for “The Mill Project”
$250 to Keith Black of Starlight's Youth Theatre for “Les Miserables”
$1000 to Stephen Eldredge of Northampton High School for “NHS Theater Outreach”
$500 to Toby Vera Bercovici of Real Live Theatre for “The Life and Death of Queen Margaret”

$300 to Brenda Lilly of Jackson Street School for “Large Scale School Mural”
$1000 to Elizabeth Bannish of Zea Mays Printmaking for “Print Fair North 2016”
$250 to Emma Kohlmann of Hungry Ghost Bread for “Community Mural on the Hungry Ghost”
$1000 to Mark Guglielmo for “Cuba in Transition”
$500 to Penny Burke of Northampton Center for the Arts, Inc. for “Arts Night Out En Plein Air”
$1000 to Sam Taylor of Pots on Wheels for “Pots on Wheels Make a Cup Take a Cup”


Fall 2015 Arts Lottery Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 23 grants totaling $11,600 in support of a variety of projects. The Arts Council received 47 requests for almost $59,955 of funding. These grants were awarded funds allotted by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

$400 to Empathy in Motion for An Intimate Dance Film Premiere, Workshop and Panel Discussion on 3/26/16.
$500 to Iroko Nuevo for Noche Cubana on 4/16/16/.

$1000 to JFK Middle School for Digital Storytelling from 1/6/16 to 5/30/16.
$250 to the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival from 3/31/16 to 4/10/16.

$250 to Perugia Press for Perugia Press Celebrates on 11/12/16 and 11/15/16.

$750 to Tim Eriksen for Pumpkintown: Songs, Stories and Magic Lantern Projections on 1/30/16.
$600 to Rebecca Muller for DEBRIS FLOW from 3/11/16 to 4/3/16.
$400 to The Oxbow Gallery for Closing Conversations on 1/28/20016, 2/25/2016, 3/24/2016, 4/21/2016.
$1100 to Multi-Arts/The Valley Winds for Carmen, a Flamenco dance delight on 5/22/16.

$250 to Music In Deerfield for a new Concert Season from 2/7/16 to 5/7/16.
$250 to Da Camera Singers for World Beloved on 5/28/16.
$250 to Arcadia Players, Inc for All Mozart - Symphony 39 and Requiem on 3/12/16.
$250 to FredBrass for NCMC Presents FredBrass from 8/1/16 to 8/6/16.
$300 to Andrew D'Antonio for Recital of Contemporary Music for Flute & Piano on 4/18/16.

$250 to Whole Children for West Side of the Bridge from 3/18/16 to 3/19/16.
$1000 to Northampton Playwrights Lab for PLAY BY PLAY FESTIVAL from 4/9/16 to 4/12/16; 4/16/16 to 4/19/16.
$250 to Starlight's Youth Theatre for Into the Woods on 5/16/16.
$250 to Valley Light Opera for Ruddigore from 11/12/16 to 11/20/16.

$500 to Susan Montgomery for Mary Bliss Parsons from 7/8/16 to 8/7/16.
$500 to A.P.E. Ltd. for The Art Salon on 3/18/16.
$350 to @igers413 (local Instagram social group) for Chasing Light: a photo exhibit from 5/13/16 to 6/8/16.
$450 to Fafnir Adamites for Rozz Tox Art Exhibit in May of 2016.
$1500 to Lighthouse Darkroom.


Spring 2015 ArtsEZ Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 23 grants totaling $15,000 in support of a variety of projects from funds raised through event-programming such as the end of summer music festival Transperformance and the winter event series Four Sundays in February. The Arts Council received 52 requests for almost $73,000 of funding.

$750 to Olana Flynn of Terra Nullius Collective for “Terra Nullius Quarterly Publication.”

$400 to Luke Jaegar for “Black Maria Film Festival Tour.”

$600 to Patrick Donnelly for “Poets for Life.”
$500 to Emily Wojcik of The Massachusetts Review for “The Space Between: Women Artisans of Massachusetts.”
$400 to Rachel Statham for “Mistress Issue I & Release Reading.”

$500 to Amanda Herman for “Live Art Magazine Issue 3.”
$750 to BZ Reily and Polly Cassel for “April Fools Giant Puppets.”
$500 to Ximena Kilroe of Laurel Park Association for “Chautauqua Revival Arts Festival.”

$1200 to Paul Arslanian for “Northampton Jazz Workshop.”
$1250 to Steven Campbell for “2015 Northampton Jazz Festival.”
$750 to Jason Trotta of Northampton Community Music Center for “Northampton Community Children’s Choir.”
$400 to Roger Salloom for “Roger Salloom’s 33rd Annual Concert at Look Park.”

$1500 to Sam Rush of New Century Theatre for “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play by Anne Washburn.”
$500 to Robert Freedman for “Soldier’s Heart.”
$800 to Sheryl Stoodley of Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble for “Endgame.”

$750 to Ramiro Davaro-Comas for “Floating Thoughts.”
$400 to Judith Inglese for “Collecting Their Thoughts: Two Women.”
$500 to Penny Burke of Northampton Center for the Arts for “Arts Night Out En Plein Air.”
$400 to Anna Bayles Arthur for “Image and Ritual.”
$500 to Alan Poisson for “Before I die…Northampton, MA.”
$400 to Kathy Couch for “The A.P.E. Microworks Show.”
$250 to Brielle Dickert for “Surviving When Words Could No Longer.”


Fall 2014 Arts Lottery Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 24 grants totaling $10,593 in support of a variety of projects. The Arts Council received 61 requests for almost $69,000 of funding. These grants were awarded from funds allotted by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

$500 to Nancy Stark Smith of Contact Quarterly for A Conversation on Contact.
$500 to Kelly Silliman of the tinydance project for The Second Annual tiny tour.
$400 to Maureen Shea of The Dance Generators for A Season, and New Works.
$500 to Jennifer Polins of The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought for RIFF Talks.

$1000 to Emma Weinstein for Guerrilla Filmmaking For Teens.
$250 to Carlin P. Trietsch for the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival.

$500 to Katie Martin for Dance and Music Performance with Katie Martin and Jake Meginsky.
$500 to Elena Zachary for Group Landscape Show.
$200 to Davis Bates for Summer Reading Song & Story Celebration @ Forbes Library.
$300 to Benjamin Swift of Pleasure Editions for 3-4 Artist Books.

$250 to Karen Collins of Music In Deerfield for new Concert Season.
$250 to Martha Roman of Novi Cantori of Greater Springfield for Visions of Peace, a Choral Concert.
$600 to Rachel Courtney of Valley Free Radio for Valley Free Radio Community Production Studio.
$400 to Charles Neville for Jazz Improvisation/ African American Music History Workshop and Performance.
$250 to Susanne Dunlap of Pioneer Valley Symphony for CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA; A semi-staged opera.
$750 to Lynne Bertrand of The Parlor Room for The Parlor Sessions.
$200 to Sheila Ayala Heady of Ensemble Musica Humana for Pioneer Valley Early Music Day.
$250 to Ashlee Cancio-Bello of the Northampton Council on Aging for Northampton Group Sing.

$950 to Russell Brooks for eLviS D - Tripping With The King.
$200 to Keith Black of Starlight's Youth Theatre for CATS.

$800 to Elizabeth Pols for “Letters from Away” Contemporary Art at Historic Northampton.
$250 to Katie Richardson for Disease: Reflections of History.
$350 to Jan Ruby-Crystal of Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary for Art and Nature.
$443 to Michelle Mallory for JFK Middle School Community Mural.


Spring 2014 ArtsEZ Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 31 ArtsEZ 2014 grants totaling $12,500. We received 58 requests totalling $68,342. ArtsEZ grants are fund-raised by the Northampton Arts Council through event-programming such as Transperformance and Four Sundays in February.

$500 to Saliq Savage at Wire Monkey Dance for Embryolo, once a month on the second Fridays of October, November and December there will be 5, 20 minute showings at Studio Helix on the 3rd floor of Thornes Market. Starting at 5:30 and running every half hour, the last show at 7:30. These installation/gallery style performances of maximum 20 minute duration will involve dancers, video projection and shadow box story telling.

$500 to Nemo Allen for Farm Fable, a twelve-minute pilot episode to be premiered in Northampton, broadcast over NCTV, and uploaded to the web, "Fable Farm," will retell Aesop's Fables through a modern, fantastical lens, using Pioneer Valley bands as actors. The premiere would be sometime in September 2014 at the Parlor Room in Northampton.

$500 to Elizabeth Foley for Find Art Everywhere - Jim Mias at work, a video documentary about artist Jim Mias who works with objects that he finds, like pieces of river-tempered wood, shards of pottery from the old Mills, bottle tops, rocks, sticks, stones, paper, rusted metal, worn-down glass, anything that comes in his path as he makes his regular rounds of Leeds and Florence and Northampton on his bicycle. It would be shown in late October 2014 in three public screenings in the three communities that comprise Northampton. The first one will be at the Forbes library, the second in Florence at the Lilly library, and the final screening will be held at the Leeds Elementary school

$500 to Hannah Ray for The Making of Florence Village, Storied by Village Residents, the Making of Florence Village film will document the last 100 years in Florence, as told by families who have lived here their whole life. The film will be shown at the Florence Civic Center, free of charge, in May of 2015.

$250 to Otis Wheeler for PubX: A DIY Pop-Up Film Festival for Western Mass, the first iteration of a randomly recurring pop-up film festival and cinematheque, showing the best undistributed or under-seen micro-budget features from around the country. Pubx will be a three-day long event, tentatively scheduled for Sep. 26-28, 2014, and will be held in two locations: HeadQuarters, an experimental art space in Northampton, and Flying Object in Hadley.

$500 to Emily Wojcik at MA Review for MR's Night Out in Northampton: A Reading and Performance by Steve Davenport and Pete Duval, MR will present author Pete Duval (REAR VIEW) and writer/musician Steve Davenport (OVERPASS and UNCONTAINABLE NOISE), reading and performing in a rare local appearance. Duval, winner of the Bakeless Prize for Fiction and a three-time Pushcart nominee, lives and teaches in Philadelphia.The reading and performance is planned for the second week in September at Hinge on Main Street, Northampton. The show will be free and open to the public.

$250 to Susan Kan at Perugia Press for From Montana to MA: A Perugia Press Poetry Reading, this year, Perugia will bring together two Perugia Press Prize winners for a reading: local poet, Carol Edelstein, whose book, The Disappearing Letters, won in 2005, and our newest (2014) winner, Corrie Williamson, who will be coming from Montana, and whose book, Sweet Husk, is in production. This reading will showcase how a local nonprofit with a national reach can fulfill its tight mission while publishing books with range and variation. It will take place on the afternoon of December 7, 2014, in Neilson Browsing Room at Smith College.

$500 to Elizabeth Stone for Diorama Show, for one month this fall an exhibit of dioramas will fill the A.P.E. gallery on Main Street, Northampton. Their proposed dioramas may include scenes of Utopian or dystopian reality or altered reality.

$500 to Amanda Herman at Live Art Magazine for Live Art Magazine, an annual one-night only performance event that features new work from regional artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and risk-takers. The evening unfolds within the structure of a magazine. Issue 2 will be held at the Academy of Music Theater with a confirmed date of Friday October 24.

$500 to Kate Richardson at Laurel Park Arts for Chautauqua Festival of Ideas, a robust and exciting Chautauqua Festival featuring local talent on the historic grounds of Laurel Park in Northampton this July. The festival, scheduled for July 18 & 19 and presented in collaboration with a number of other local nonprofits, will gather and connect members of our thriving arts, music and culture community to share work & celebrate.

$550 to Dan Thomas at Llama Lasagne for Llama Lasagne Presents, a collaboration of regional musicians, artists, producers and businesses. Each bi-annual themed performance features a rotating cast of local musicians, entirely new set lists, props, and costumes. Llama is the co-operative effort of all those involved and owes its success largely to the time, energy, and materials donated by its members. With an eye towards community outreach, Llama strives to include socially aware, charitable components in its productions. This project will take place at the Florence VFW on Saturday, November 15th.

$250 to Mark Guglielmo at Young@Heart Chorus for Young@Heart Prison Project, W\working with prison staff, Young@Heart will work with inmates to rehearse songs with Y@H director Bob Cilman and a piano accompanist in the weeks leading up to the concert. The inmates will then join Y@H and perform the songs in front of their peers at the concert backed by the chorus. They will be provided a backing music track in advance that includes our musicians and the chorus singing back up. When we come to perform at the prison, the inmate soloists will be featured at our concert.

$250 to Katherine Jamieson at Coil Records, Inc. for Mister G's Halloween Fiesta, a bilingual, community concert for families in the Pioneer Valley and beyond. Children (and their parents) come dressed in costume to dance and sing in both English and Spanish with Mister G (aka Ben Gundersheimer), a leading figure in the children's music world and a Valley resident for 20 years. Each year, Mister G has invited prominent musicians to join him on stage, such as Senegalese musicians Bideew Bou Bess, Tony Vacca, Rani Arbo, Manuel Garcia, as well as hundreds of dancing children. The event will take place at the Academy of Music in Northampton on October 26, 2014 at 11:00 am.

$250 to Donald Freeman at Da Camera Singers for Alice Parker: New Music from the Pioneer Valley, the performance dates are January 16 and 18, 2015 in Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Smith College and Rhodes Arts Center, Northfield Mount Hermon School (Gill), respectively, under the direction of our conductor, Sheila Heffernon.

$250 to Roger Salloom for Roger Salloom Concert, a re-occurrence of the 31st annual Roger Salloom free concert in the Pines, Look Park, Northampton, MA, starting in 1983, skipping 1984 and then proceeding uninterrupted for now for 31 years. it is a non- political and non-profit 501 3c event created for the well being and betterment of the community. It is usually the largest free concert for Northampton and surrounding towns.

$750 to Steve Campbell at Northampton Jazz Festival, Inc. for 2014 Northampton Jazz Festival, a week of jazz events that will include a great kick off concert, a jazz themed film night, the 12 Mile Meal 2013 winner restaurant night, Friday night's expanded Jazz Strut Concert Series and finally, culminating on Saturday September 6, 2014, our free, tented, outdoor, full day concert featuring some of the world's best in jazz on our Main Stage located on Hampton Avenue behind Thornes Marketplace, along with a second stage at the A.P.E. gallery that will include promising young players from Pioneer Valley high schools, and colleges combined with established local artists.

$250 to Sheryl Jaffe at Northampton High School for Sharing Space: Childs Park, students will work with designers, horticulturists at Childs Park. Combining drawings, poetry, photography and their impressions they will create a clay tile mural that will be installed at 3 schools. Northampton High school, Jackson Street School and Bridge St. School.

$400 to Alpha Kabisko Kaba at PVPA Wofa African Drum & Dance Company & Jackson Street School for Wofa African Drum & Dance Interactive Performance, PVPA's Wofa Drum & Dance Company traveled to Guinea, West Africa in January 2014, where they participated in intensive drum and dance classes with professional Guinean artists. They also had the opportunity to tour the country and perform at several venues, including a local school, a community center and at the US Ambassador's Residence. They would like to share their cultural experience with local schools through an interactive performance, short videos and a question and answer period.

$400 to Sabrina Hamilton at Ko Theater Works, Inc. for KoFest's Fall Story Slam at the A.P.E. Gallery, like poetry slams, competitive poetry events, Ko is offering one for first person, true stories –told live and without notes. For our fall event, we will return to the A.P.E. Gallery on Main Street. We'd like to celebrate the run-up to either Halloween or Thanksgiving. If in October, we'd have an evening of true, scary, spooky or creepy stories; and if November turns out to be better for the A.P.E. Gallery schedule – we'd have stories about moments of thankfulness or gratitude.

$650 to Stephen Eldredge at Northampton High School for Expanded Artistic and Technical Support for Large-Scale Theater Production: The Skin of Our Teeth, Theater teacher Stephen Eldredge and Theater Artist Toby Bercovici have been developing a concept for a technically demanding, large-scale production of Thornton Wilder's "The Skin of Our Teeth" since August 2013. The production will involve extensive use of Multimedia, special effects, and advanced lighting and sound design. We plan to use the technology to immerse an audience in a 3-dimensional experience about humanity's propensity for self-destruction - to create as much of a "total theater" experience as possible.

$250 to Linda McInerney at Old Deerfield Productions for A Christmas Carol at the Academy of Music, Charles Dickens’ iconic story about the nature of the relationship between the individual and society will be performed at the Academy of Music December 18-21, 2014 with a full team of producers.

$350 to Martha Ebner for Lightness of Bone: Works on Paper, exhibition will be on view at the Forbes Library from July 1, 2014 through July 30, 2014 with a public reception on Wednesday, July 2. This show will include approximately 15 works on paper and will demonstrate a continuing exploration of nature through the theme of bones.

$250 to Jieun Shin for Eccentric Abstraction Revisited, exhibition will take place during the month of February 2015, and will coincide with Northampton’s monthly art walk, Arts Night Out, on Friday, February 13th. The three artists, in his or her own way, explore the different types of patterns and motifs culled from their respective cultural backgrounds in Asian, South Asian, and Euro-American heritages, as well as popular cultural imagination.

$250 to Brantner DaAtley for Eccentric Abstraction Revisited, construction of a 72"x72" cradled resin panel that will be the center piece of my third of a group show. The piece will be the culmination of my last five years of painting exploration. The group show will take place in February 2015 at the A.P.E. in Northampton.

$500 to Mark Guglielmo for Window Portraits, a month-long exhibit of a new series of large-scale photographic collage installations entitled Window Portraits in spring 2015 at the Artifacts building in Florence.

$500 to David Teeple for Liquid Crystal, a large acrylic water filled sculpture (approximately 16" x 24" x 72") and place it in an urban garden in the center of town. The location will be the grassy plot to the West of the building owned by Smith Charities, 51 Main Street, Northampton, MA.

$500 to Jenna Weingarten at the HeadQuarters Exhibition Space for Enlargement Show, Part Dos: Enormous Edition, will feature the work of 15 artists who each submit a commissioned image that the HeadQuarters team will enlarge into mural sized images, to be printed on 8ft stretches of paper. The work will then be hung with unconventional methods that push the boundaries of how art is traditionally shown. The show will take place at 114 Main St at the new HeadQuarters Exhibition Space and there will be an opening and closing, as well as gallery hours, during the month of October 2014.

$250 to Stephanie Seldin for Living Context: Selected Work by Anna Bayles Arthur, Barry Febos, and Stephanie Seldin, a house show/art exhibition opening July 12th and running through July 19th. This would be one of a series of exhibitions held at the Northampton home and studio of local artist Anna Bayles Arthur. The house show/exhibition would include a selection of work by three local artists: Stephanie Seldin, Barry Febos, and Anna Bayles Arthur. Each room will be transformed into an exciting and non-traditional space for the viewer to engage and participate in a variety of different creative media.

$500 to Greta Svalberg for Gaskin, Moloney, Svalberg Painting Show, a three person painting, drawing, and print show at A.P.E Gallery scheduled for late July and early August 2014.

$400 to Liz Chalfin at Zea Mays Printmaking for Systems - a juried exhibition, Systems will be shown at A.P.E. Gallery from October 7 – November 2, 2014. The proposals for "Systems" are due on June 1st and Liz will be making selections during the month of June for the October exhibition.

$250 to Gineen Cooper for Play Days, a creativity tent (encompassing dance, theater, 2D art, poetry, music ) located on Main Street in front of First Churches/Urban Outfitters, that measures a maximum of 15'x15.’ The artist provides the facilitation, forum, materials and twelve weekly evolving projects (in singular or integrative media) to engage local residents and visitors. Those who are interested are offered the opportunity to express themselves via the project offered that day in the designated space. Starting the first Saturday in July and taking place 12 times on Saturdays from 9am-3pm during a 17 week period (July 5th, 14-October 25th, 14.)


Fall 2013 Arts Lottery Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 20 LCC/MCC 2014 grants totaling $9,870 in support of a variety of projects. The Arts Council received 65 requests for almost $62,000 of funding. These grants were awarded from funds allotted by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

$700 to Jennifer Polins for Catalyst Dancers, celebrating PVPA’s Catalyst Dancer’s 16th performance season in February 2014, at the Academy of Music.
$600 to Olana Flynn for Workbench: Choreographies in Progress.
$500 to The Dance Generators for An Evening of New Works.
$320 to Claire Muary for Cue, an interactive dance performance with local dancers, designers and musicians.
$250 to Iroko Nuevo for Florence Night Out Performance, an afro-Cuban dance and drum experience.
$250 to Pioneer Valley Ballet for Beauty and the Beast.

$750 to Historic Northampton for Fast Forward: New Filmmakers at Historic Northampton.
$250 to the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival for a festival of Jewish films.

$1000 to Donnabelle Casis for Florence Night Out.
$500 to Kestrel Land Trust for Story Walk at Fitzgerald Lake.
$350 to Lisa Thompson for The ArtSalon, a cross-disciplinary community-building event celebrating local contemporary visual arts.

$250 to Da Camera Singers for Four Decades of Da Camera: Celebration.
 $250 to Music In Deerfield, Inc. for Concert Season.
$250 to Novi Cantori of Greater Springfield, Inc. for Spring Concert with Novi Cantori.
$250 to the Pioneer Valley Symphony for JUBILATION: 75th Season Opening Gala Concert.

$750 to Serious Play! for "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf"
$650 to Chrysalis Theater for Chrysalis Theater: 35th Year Celebrations.
$500 to Heidi Haas for Caught Off Guard, an educational theatre troupe committed to exploring the social issues students deal with on a daily basis.
$320 to Allison Smartt for Mom Baby God, a solo theatrical show exposing the underbelly of the anti-abortion movement.

$750 to Phyllis Kornfield for Folk Arts & Artifacts from America's Prison Culture.


Spring 2013 ArtsEZ Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 19 ArtsEZ 2013 grants totaling $11,783. We received 22 requests for a total of just under $21,000. These grants were awarded from funds raised by the Northampton Arts Council through such programs as Transperformance and Four Sundays in February.

$700 to Aretha Aoki for The Multiple, a dance solo to be performed at the Academy of Music during Amanda Herman’s Pop-Up Live Magazine on November 1, 2013.

$500 to – for –, a 100% locally-made literary journal that will be distributed throughout the area, as well as an upcoming free reading of selected works at Feeding Tube Records in Northampton.
$750 to Christian McEwen for Legal Tender: Women & the Secret Life of Money, a play to be performed in the Spring of 2014 at the Northampton Friends Meeting House. There will also be a series of talks about women’s relationship with money entitled Money Talks during Fall 2013.
$500 to Valley Art Share for Ratchet, an online and printed zine that features writing about the arts and culture of the Pioneer Valley.

$650 to Pleasure Editions & Fogged Records for “Pleasure II,” a small-run printed Music Journal that combines a leaning toward experimental prose and first-person engagement of American underground music as well as a one-night pop-up gallery where both local and out-of-state artists will present installations in a non-traditional venue.
$800 to Gina Siepel for 1X1X1, a one-mile long three dimensional line drawing, a dense looping line which will transform the interior architecture of the A.P.E. gallery, making viewers re-experience the volume of this familiar site in a startling new way. Gina will spend ten days installing the piece on-site, during which passers-by will be able to watch the construction through the storefront windows creating a process/performance. There will be a reception on Friday July 12th.
$300 to Judith Keefer Tingley for Between the Lines-Some Books Re/Viewed, a multi-space exhibition to be held at participating bookstores in Northampton during January 2014, national book month.
$500 to Haley Morgan for Choreo-Spawn-Dance, a mail-art, video and performance collaboration available on
$600 to William Hannum for Life is Long, a multimedia installation at A.P.E. Gallery during August 2013.

$1000 to The 2013 Northampton Jazz Festival for The 2013 Northampton Jazz Festival ad 12 Mile Meal taking place on September 7, 2013.
$750 to the Northampton Council on Aging and Senior Center for Group Sing at the Northampton Senior Center, a collaboration with several local musicians and artists.
$700 to The Collective Music Group for The Northampton Summer Concert Series, a free summer concert series to take place in Pulaski Park during July and August 2013.

$500 to Kim O’Connell for A Celebration of Asian Arts through Art, Music and Physical Education, a project that seeks to unify J.F.K. middle school by taking the first months of the school year to focus on a school-wide theme: Asian culture, art, music, dance and movement, including the historical connection to the Silk Road.

$800 to Scout Cuomo for Beneath the Surface, a three-person exhibit at the A.P.E. gallery that will include new bodies of work from each artist focusing on the commonalities between their topics and the topic “Beneath the Surface.”
$500 to Jeff Hobbs for Every Night Northampton, an interactive, digital exploration of what happens in downtown Northampton by visiting
$900 to Sally Clegg for Rooms, a series of eight to ten editions of original etchings dealing with the theme of building structure out of chaos to be shown at Zea Mays and UNITE during the Spring of 2014.
$350 to Mgl Studio for Still Life Exhibits to be shown at Provisions during October 2013.
$300 to Perry Huntoon for a Window Installation at Ode Boutique during the month of July 2013.
$683 to Joan Ryan for the de-installation, restoration, and re-reinstallation of the historic Northampton Perry Mural by James Waldron, located in the Tully’s restaurant.


Fall 2012 Arts Lottery Grant Award Winners

The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 18 LCC/MCC 2012 grants totaling $8,650 in support of a variety of projects. The Arts Council received 46 requests for almost $46,000 of funding. These grants were awarded from funds allotted by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

$750 to Jennifer Pollins for Matter over Mind which celebrates Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School’s Catalyst Dancer’s 15th performance season. Performance is Thursday April 11th and Friday April 12th at 7 PM. Features Bill T Jones choreography.
$400 to Effie Molina for La Noche Cubana: An Afro-Cuban Experience. A "Cuban Night" with folkloric dance music ensemble Iroko Nuevo.
$250 to Dance Generators for New Dances for All Ages. New works by local choreographers Fritha Pengally, Jen Polins, and Maureen Shea.

$600 to Paris Press for Writing and Reading through Illness.

$250 to the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival for a festival of Jewish films. The 2013 Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival will run for two weeks in Hampden, Hampshire, & Franklin Counties.

$1000 to Sally Curcio for the project A Prize Every Time. A Prize Every Time addresses chance, luck, wealth and their impact on local, national, global economies.
$750 to The Performance Project for First Generation Performance, an original multi-lingual performance.
$500 to Peter Zierlein for Symmetrical Paper-Cut Art and Workshop. The lecture will be on the history of paper cutting.
$400 to Stefanie Weber for Creatures of Habitat Public Performance Project, which occupies paved spaces with art that moves people.
$300 to Forbes Library for A Song & Story Celebration, a program for families celebrating reading and cultural diversity.

$250 to Music In Deerfield, Inc. for Concert Season. A mixture of sacred and secular music drawn from both contemporary and classical periods.
$250 to Novi Cantori of Greater Springfield, Inc. for Spring Concert Series. A six-concert season, performed by musicians of international reputation.
$250 to the Arcadia Players for Arcadia Players Spring 2013 Concerts. Two concerts: "Viva Italia!" and "Shakespeare Concert."

$700 to Jackson Street School for Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with MarKamusic.

$700 to Ko Theater Works, Inc for Ko Festival Fringe: Story Slam NOHO. First-person true stories, told live and without notes.
$250 to Old Deerfield Productions for Chamber Truth, a new opera about Sojourner Truth.

$700 to Amanda Hill for Final Emergency. Large-scale oil paintings that focus on internal structures.
$350 to Fletcher Smith for Public Conic Anamorphism. Create and display a conic anamorphic painting of a monumental scale.


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