The Northampton Arts Council works to support and nurture the arts in the city of Northampton. The Council awards grants twice each year to artists and arts groups from both state and locally-raised funds, and seeks to improve public awareness of the arts. Its' goals include maintaining and preserving the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Northampton, programming such annual events of interest to the community as First Night Northampton and Transperformance.

Northampton Arts Council Community Award Recipients

Since the early 1980's the Northampton Arts Council has given awards annually for two categories of excellence in the arts.

The award for Dynamic Impact in the Arts is given to an artist or arts organization that demonstrates rare achievement in the arts, either during that year or over a period of years. The award was named after Jane Ahlfeld in appreciation for her many years of service as chair of the Arts Council.

The award for Community Service in the Arts is given to an individual or business who have made a tremendous effort on behalf of the arts. This award is named after Keen Hahn who spent many years working at the Northampton Center for the Arts before his untimely death.

1983—Richard Rescia
1984—Carol Gotwalls 
1985—Ralph Levy
1986—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Gordon Thorne
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Donald Clark and Audrey Pepper
1987—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Bob Cilman
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Michael Mufson
1988—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Barbara Shaeffer-Bacon and Karen Kreiger
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Steve Calcagnino
1989—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Bart Gordon
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Steve Stoia and Stephen Petegorsky
1990—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Kathy Service and Shon Cox Doucette
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Donald Tepper
1991—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Pip Stromgren and Helen Rescia
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Gail Giere Collins and Jordi Herold
1992—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Duane Robinson, staff of the Academy of Music
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Norinne Tiley
1993—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Martin Carrera and Gail & Dan Yacuzzo
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Leslie Ferrin
1994—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Katherine Sanderson and Meg Irwin-Brandon
1995—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Faith Kaufman and Blaise Bisaillon
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Ed Charla and Mal Thursday
1996—Keen Hahn Community Service Award:  John Reily
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Carol Hyde
1997—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Joseph Rich and Robert Walker 
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Howard Polonsky, Dee Degeiso, Geoff & Linda Post
1998—(no awards given out)
1999—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Bill Feinstein
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Sheryl Stoodley
2000—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Claudio Guerra
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Jim Arementi
2001—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Bruce MacMillan
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Amie Dowling and Julie Waggoner
2002—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Christine Sonnhalter
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Kathy Couch
2003—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: FACES
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Lisa Leizman
2004—(no awards given out)
2005—(no awards given out)
2006—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Gwen Agna
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Lisa Thompson
2007—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Lillian Forguites and Miraim Clap
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Duane Robinson and David Jenkins
2008—Keen Hahn Community Service Award: Ann Shannahan
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact Award: Eric Suher
2009—Keen Hahn Community Service: Andrew Crystal          
Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact: Joe Blumenthal
2010— Keen Hahn Community Service: C3
             Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact: Beau Flahive
2011—Keen Hahn Community Service: Penny Burke
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact: Michael Tillyer
2012—(no awards given out)
2013—Keen Hahn Community Service: Liz Chalfin and Zea Mays Printmaking
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact: Ted Lee and Feeding Tube Records
2014—(no awards given out)
2015—Bob Cilman Award for Community Service and Dynamic Impact on the Arts: Jim Olsen
2016—(no awards given out)
2017—(no awards given out)
2018—(no awards given out)
2019—(no awards given out)
2020—Keen Hahn Community Service: Esther White
            Jane Ahlfeld Dynamic Impact: Richard Rescia

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