The Northampton Arts Council works to support and nurture the arts in the city of Northampton. The Council awards grants twice each year to artists and arts groups from both state and locally-raised funds, and seeks to improve public awareness of the arts. Its' goals include maintaining and preserving the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Northampton, programming such annual events of interest to the community as First Night Northampton and Transperformance.

How Are Grants Reviewed?

How Are Grants Reviewed?

The Council seeks to support artistic work of the highest artistic/cultural merit, and relies heavily upon support materials to make this determination (see What are Supporting Materials section). A well-written grant that clearly articulates the benefit of the project to the Northampton community is favored by the Arts Council. Each board member reviews a copy of your grant. Board members discuss each application and make funding determinations.

The Northampton Arts Council reserves the right to accept or reject applications within the stated guidelines and is responsible for making its best judgment of an application's intrinsic value.

The volunteer board members of the Arts Council review each grant. Each board member is assigned a grant category and carefully reads every proposal in that category, following up with the artists for additional information if necessary. Each assigned board member then presents all the grants in his/her category to the entire board during the grant review meeting. After hearing the grant presentation, each board member scores each grant proposal.

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